What is the ArthroStim?

The ArthroStim is an instrument used by many chiropractors to provide chiropractic relief for specific areas of the body. It is an alternative to traditional chiropractic spinal adjustments, which require twisting, turning, and “cracking” of the body’s joints. Although spinal adjustments are preferable as a treatment for wide-spread pain throughout your back, neck, and limbs, the ArthroStim allows for additional pain relief in targeted areas, which means that a person would not need to endure a full spinal adjustment just to relieve pain and tension in one area of threir body. Essentially, with ArthroStim, specific pain areas can be treated individually. 

How does the ArthroStim instrument it work?

ArthroStim puts forth a set amount of energy/force to realign segments of the body, to remove tension, and relieve nerve pressure and stress. The instrument has been designed to output 12-14 “taps” per second, or 12 hertz of energy, which provides a low-force, precise, and effective means of pain relief and targeted injury treatment.  

The ArthroStim is just another way to administer these adjustments, but it is faster, more comfortable and efficient due to its controlled repetitive input. This input produces a cumulative effect on neural receptors which allows them to transmit more information to the brain with less effort, pain, and force.


What are the benefits of ArthroStim?

The ArthroStim provides immediate pain relief by relieving tension from the nerves, relaxing the area, and improving the patient’s mobility in the specific area of treatment. The ArthroStim instrument allows the doctor to maintain the effectiveness of the patient’s treatment while greatly reducing the amount of force that is applied, thus making it easier to use on a wide variety of conditions and ailments. Individuals that benefit especially from the use of the ArthroStim instrument include:

  • Elderly people
  • Infants and young children
  • Patients with acute traumas and car accidents
  • Individuals with acute or extreme pain
  • Specific sensitive areas of the spine
  • Individuals who dislike being “cracked”
  • ArthoStim can be used on any joint in the spine and also on the extremities

Injury-Specific Adjustment Instrument

One of the most useful characteristics of the ArthroStim is that it can be used on patients in different postures. The benefits of treating patients in a variety of positions cannot be overstated, as it is beneficial for both the patient and the chiropractor. A person may be suffering from localized pain in one segment of the body or pain that is only present at certain times.  Knowing when the pain is happening is not enough to treat the pain, though.  The targeted ArthroStim adjustments can be performed when the person is in the position that causes them pain (sitting, standing, etc) and usually they can feel an immediate relief from the pain. 


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