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  • I was recommended by a friend to see Dr. Watson, last fall, after suffering from neck and shoulder pain, caused by a pinched nerve and what I feared might be a bulging disc. I'd only seen one chiropractor before, and I didn't have a great experience. But I'd been told that Dr. Watson was not the kind of chiropractor that would start cracking my back in extreme ways, and that his treatment was methodical and effective. And now I'm pain-free and back to resuming all my normal activities and a full exercise routine, after a number of sessions with Dr. Watson. His approach is not typical of most chiropractors I've known about, and his adjustments are precise and minimally impactful to the body, overall. I never had any adverse side-effects or worsening conditions during treatment, and I always sensed that Dr. Watson was very focused on ensuring that. He began our treatments with x-rays; developed a game plan to realign my spine in the neck area, to relieve the pressure on the discs that were feeling pinched; and we stuck to that plan, until I felt no more pain or restricted movement. I'd gladly recommend Dr. Watson to anyone I know, who needs a chiropractor, and especially to people who've become skeptical that chiropractic practice can work.

    Show More - Apr 27, 2018 by Phillip
  • I hurt my neck, from helping my daughter move, in November. The pain started innocently enough, with a stiff neck; but after two weeks, it was still hurting, but I thought the pain would eventually go away. The pain continued for another 2-3 weeks and moved from the side of my left neck, down and across the top of trapezius muscle. I would end up rubbing my neck and trap throughout the day, to help relieve the pain. I tired ice and heat, but it was a temporary relief. After 1-month, I finally went to my family doctor, where I received a steroid shot to relieve the inflammation in the muscle. Let’s just say, it didn’t help. I finally went to an orthopedic, and after x-rays, it was determined I had a bone spur and should consider physical therapy, which I did. After 2-months of traction, exercise and dry needles, the pain continued and got worse.

    I was told by many friends to see a chiropractor; but I was reluctant, as I have this fear of someone cracking my neck. At this point, the pain had traveled down to my bicep and to the middle of my left forearm. I was now taking pain medication every 4-hours, as the pain was waking me up during the night. A friend told me to go find an Atlas Chiropractor, as they do not do the “cracking,” but make sure they take x-rays prior to any treatment. So, the search began, and I found Dr. Watson. I read a review of a person that had a similar issue, and Dr. Watson helped, and they took x-rays. So I booked an appointment, June 1st, after 7-months of living with the pain.

    During the initial consultation, Dr. Watson listened to my problem, asked how it happened, and how long I was dealing with the issue. He gave no promises, as he wanted to see the results of the x-rays, first. It was determined I have degenerative disk disease between C5 and C6 that was punishing a nerve. Dr. Watson developed a comprehensive plan; and the first thing he wanted to do, was to relieve the pain.

    After only two weeks of treatment, the pain in the arm went away completely; and within a month, I regained movement in my neck. It was amazing. Dr. Watson, and what I call his “magic tools,” did what the physical therapists and orthopedic doctor could not do, and that was to eliminate the pain.

    As you can tell, I highly recommend Dr. Watson. From the time you walk into the office and greeted by Heidi, who is a charm, you feel welcome and cared for. You do not feel rushed during your visits and Dr. Watson will take the time to listen and care for you; and if you are lucky enough, he might share a story or two.

    Show More - Sep 11, 2019 by John P
  • I have been a headache sufferer for years. Then my migraines progressed to being chronic migraines. I was having 3-5 migraines per week, then I would spend the other days recovering from my migraine. After several family members highly recommend I give Dr. Watson a try, I finally listened. I began treatments in January and have seen a huge improvement in my life. The headaches are under control, and I haven't had a migraine in almost six weeks. This has made a huge difference in my daily life; and I am feeling better, without taking any medications that have side effects.

    Show More - May 20, 2020 by Dawn
  • I came to Dr. Watson after a friend recommended seeing him. I had a few back injuries, thanks to car accidents; as well as an old hip injury that never healed correctly, from years of dancing. After one session with Dr. Watson, I left the office in tears of joy, as my pain had subsided significantly. I went to him religiously for about a year, and the pain went down to almost zero. Along with his sessions, he suggested changes in my exercise and sleep regimen. It has been about a year since I last saw him, and I have not had any pains, since. Yes, it is a long process, and many many visits, but the long term effects are WORTH IT! I can actually dance, jump, and sleep without pain. He is so knowledgeable and truly is an expert in his field. He listened to every single one of my issues, came up with a plan, and helped me every step of the way. I recommend his services to every single person that asks, and will continue to do so. Thank you Dr. Watson!

    Show More - May 20, 2020 by Ursula
  • I struggled with horrible migraines and severe lower back/neck pain for about 10 years - and I'm only in my mid-twenties, now. It would get to the point, sometimes, where it was debilitating for me to do normal activities, like taking long walks around the neighborhood. Medicine and heating pads would only go so far, in relieving my pain; and, oftentimes, the headaches would get so bad, that I would have to lie down. I was miserable and in constant pain. After a long time, I realized it had to be an issue with my alignment, especially after looking in the mirror one day and seeing that my back was visibly crooked (which was a little scary, let's be honest).

    I was referred to Dr. Watson by a friend of mine, and I've been in treatment for less than 6 months, now; and I'm not exaggerating, when I say that my life has completely changed! The pain has significantly subsided, and I feel like I even have more energy, now. I never thought there would be a day, when I would say that I don't have headaches, anymore.

    The first visits were a consultation, where he took the time to listen to what I was struggling with; he also conducted a pain assessment, to see how much it was impacting my life. He, later, created a custom treatment plan, especially for me and my needs (based on what I was telling him about my pain), along with what my x-rays were revealing (neck injuries - explains the headaches - and uneven hips). He was completely upfront about the costs, too, so I knew how to plan, accordingly, for the treatments. Some people might be thrown off by the costs (which really aren’t bad, at all); but honestly, it's entirely worth investing in yourself: your time, your body, your quality of life. I will be completely transparent, in that you have to be ready for the time commitment for the appointments in the beginning; and you have to do what he advises you to do, to help with the healing process, after the adjustments (i.e.,  ice packs, exercises, etc.).

    I also wanted to note for anyone reading this, who might be scared of what to expect with the adjustments - for me, they were not abrasive, at all. Very minor, painless adjustments here and there (no loud popping or cracking adjustments in my case, like some chiropractors do). Just remember that it's a process, and some people might heal faster, than others, depending on their own situations. I've had very few bad days, but that's all part of the body's healing, and something that Dr. Watson advises.

    I can’t say enough good things about how my life has changed, since starting treatments with Dr. Watson; and I hope that this review is helpful for anyone that might be suffering with the same thing.

    Show More - May 20, 2020 by Amanda


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